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“Move-in” shopping list

Move In Shopping list

My own move in shopping list

    All of us have to move somewhere else or away from something in some part of our life. Sometimes that could be an old habit, a stressful situation or going to a new town. All of us have to start a new beginning at some point. Let’s say that new beginning in your life is starting with moving into your own apartment. All by yourself. Now, you will be the only one who makes decisions. Now, you will be the one who will choose what and how to do things in life.

   So, since we have the opportunity to pick whatever we want for our

new beginning, why not pick a fresh new



start? And since that start really has to start with ourselves, then why not start fresh by eating better? Why not start with the commitment to take care of ourselves better than before, simply by knowing what we eat? “But I know perfectly what I eat!” you would say… Well, I am sorry to disappoint you my dear friend, but if you eat out, you most likely DON’T know what you eat. The same is valid for fast food… “But why?” you would say. Simply because when you go to the restaurant or a fast food place, most of the food is processed. So since the only way to actually have control of what you eat is if you pick the ingredients yourself and make sure what you are picking is good and healthy for you. So if that’s the only way, then that would mean you have to make meals yourself. “So now you are telling me that I have to cook? I don’t know how to cook!” you would say. Well well, one of the ideas of this website is to show you how to make “something from nothing”. Not really from nothing, but with very simple things in a very easy and delicious way!



Cage-Free All Natural Brown Eggs

Cage-Free All Natural Brown Eggs

   So why don’t you make a commitment in that new beginning you are starting? A commitment to yourself to live better, to have more control of what you eat and live healthier.

    Starting a new beginning myself, I decided to share my own Move-in Shopping list. Very few ingredients. Very simple. But simple in a better and healthier way. I made a promise to myself – to eat better and healthier. So that means I have to cook instead of going out to eat. Well, since my true passion is cooking, just thinking about food gives me many ideas! So let’s start with simple things, everybody is able to prepare at home! Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Appetizers, main meals, soups and desserts. A little bit of everything. In a better way. Where YOU have the control of what you eat. So why not make it amazing? Create your delicious plate and have fun while doing it 🙂

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