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Do you remember that delicious smell coming from your grandmother’s kitchen? When you were sneaking in just to try to get a little taste of whatever she was cooking?

I grew up in a very traditional family where we spent the weekends together where there was lots of food on the table. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Salads, Desserts. Everything was home made from fresh ingredients and most of them came from our garden. One of my grandmothers lives in the country and grows almost every vegetable you can think of, also has a special passion for chickens. I always wondered where she can find all of that energy from to do all of these things all by herself. I guess because she was always passionate about what she was doing. And that’s very important. Growing vegetables and raising chickens were two of her passions. These passions brought fresh eggs and healthy organic meat to our table.

This was the time, my passion about healthy cooking was born.

My grandmother used to call me her “kitchen helper”. At that age I don’t know if I was really helping her or I was actually making more mess in the kitchen. I know one thing for sure – I was having fun! I was in the middle of the cooking process, exploring the secrets of her recipes, she learned from her mother, and grandmother. With my two amazing grandmothers I’ve had the opportunity to be part of that wonderful cooking adventures. My help in the kitchen was pretty much cutting some vegetables, or beating some eggs my grandmother needed for the dishes she was cooking That was so much fun for me! I couldn’t wait until the weekends so I could cook with my grandma and explore some new recipes…

On the other side, my other grandma who was living in the country was providing all of the vegetables we usually used for cooking pretty much every day so we had all we needed to create healthy and delicious dishes.

I was blessed not only with the knowledge of turning a few ingredients into a meal but I also learned how to grow them.

My name is Vesina Vasi. I always have 3 goals before I start cooking any dish.

Simple! Delicious! Nutritious!

I decided to have a place where I can share all of my healthy cooking recipes, which I call my creations. Maybe you wonder why I use the word creations instead of recipes. Well, it is because of the way the dishes are made. Based on whatever I have available in my refrigerator and the pantry I try to cook a healthy and nutritious meal. I love food and I love to experiment when I am cooking. The results can be soooo tasty. I call my food “Happy Meals”. Do you know that according by Feng Shui the energy from the person who is cooking is going into the food and gives that energy to whoever eats it? So let’s say that the chef in your favorite restaurant was angry about the argument he had with his wife before he left for work. You decide to go out for a dinner. The chef is changing the way he is cooking your dinner by letting his emotions change his energy. At that moment he doesn’t enjoy cooking, he is angry so his energy is negative. All of that energy is going into your food. So the possibility for you to feel some type of anger later on is pretty big. Well, my solution of that problem is to listen to music which relaxes me while I’m cooking. I can’t start without my music. I want only positive energy in my food. This is another reason to call my food “Happy Meals”. I enjoy food. Sometimes I can’t stop myself from cooking something that is not so healthy, like bacon, egg and cheese. I just love it so much! Mmmmm especially with piece of toasted buttered bread on the side… (Sneak in and see the recipe)

Soooo my goal is to show you how you can cook healthy, simple and delicious meals on a budget.

My other love is traveling!

So I decided to share my cooking experience from everywhere I go in the TRAVELING SECTION.

To bring some more fun into the kitchen and make it more enjoyable for you and myself, I decided to take cooking challenges from you. This way we can actually cook together.

So go ahead and share what you have in your refrigerator and your pantry and lets Create Delicious Plate from it!

In the NATURAL SOLUTIONS section I would like to share some personally tested problem solving tips. They include “chemical free” cleaning tips, household tips, and tips for staying in a good health using natural products.

I hope you will enjoy the information I am sharing with you in my website and also find it helpful.

Let’s have some FUN

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